A dedicated server is a reliable platform for hosting a large web project, joint development of software or resource-intensive databases. Is your project growing and VDS power is not enough?
Rent your own dedicated server and do not worry about the speed of the site.

Set up the server for free

We will transfer the project from VDS to a dedicated server for free and configure the equipment.

We store data in Belarus

We store and process data in our own data center on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

We give convenient control panels

As a gift for each server, we give the ISPmanager and DCImanager panels for quick and comfortable work.

We will solve any problems within 24/7

We will answer all questions about the network for free and/or solve the problem on the server for a small fee.

There are no limits for speed and traffic

We guarantee stable internet connection speed and unlimited traffic.

Will connect additional equipment

If necessary, we will connect additional equipment: modem, RAID controller, USB key.